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  Thursday, August 16, 2018
Theft Alert System (TAS) Minimize



    Theft Alert System….

    A "PROVEN System” for Copper Wire Theft Prevention


    The Theft Alert System (TAS) is a cost effective theft detection and notification solution -- less costly and more effective than physical barriers, which are still vulnerable and don't provide notification. The system simply provides:


    • Timely email notification and visual/sound alerts (within 30 seconds of initial wire cut, on average) 
    • Notification that includes descriptive and visual map information for targeted police response.
    • How does it work? We place one sensor node atop a light pole at the end of a circuit that monitors that entire circuit. The node communicates via wireless network back to a gateway and server that sends the notifications.
    • What is the deployment process? We work with you to determine the most vulnerable locations, most easily identified by reviewing previous theft locations. Based on that we survey the appropriate poles to instrument with our sensor nodes. our deployment package includes installation, configuration and operational support of the system.  Not every lighting circuit requires monitoring, yet the thieves do not know which ones are instrumented, let alone know the detection system exists. The whole process is about 8 weeks.
    • As you can see, this system takes a different approach to dealing with the wire theft problem. TAS provides a greater deterrent to future theft than more costly physical barriers you may put in place.
    • Challenge: Cities across the US are experiencing Copper wire theft of over a Billion dollars a year
    • Street lighting systems are a recurring target
    • Increasingly high frequency of incidences in recent years
    • Cost to a city’s maintenance budget to repair/replace damaged or stolen wire is significant
    • T A S….A proven system that has aided in capturing thieves in the act!!
    • Place detectors at known target spots throughout the city or region
    • Provides alerts when a theft attempt is detected
    • Timely - notified in less than 20 seconds
    • Alerts are sent to multiple recipients
    • Via Email and SMS messaging
    • Alerts enable immediate response to avert losses and deter future losses
    • Less expensive than other solutions such as physical barriers and devices
    • Installation and Configuration included
    • We will customize to fit your various needs: 1 to 500,000 street lights
    • As well as, stadium lighting, pump stations, irrigation, antenna sites, vulnerable buildings and structures


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