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  Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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What is Thermo graphic Imaging?

Thermal Imaging is a process of viewing objects through a device which captures any potential ‘heat’ related problems without de-energizing the object, quickly, safely and cost effectively.
Why Use Thermo Graphic Imaging?
Before an incident shuts your equipment down, you can detect fatal problems at a fraction of the cost and with minimal time.
What can be imaged? (Without stopping the process)
Virtually any electrical equipment, any piece of mechanical equipment, any joint or coupling for leaks cracks, or malfunctions. Heating and cooling losses (costing a company $$$’s), to name just a few.
If you want your plant, your process line, your facility to operate smoothly, and flawlessly you need to implement a Thermal Imaging Program on a regular basis. It meets or exceeds most Insurance requirements. All scans come with a comprehensive report for your records.
Let  N2 Electric, Inc. provide you with a comprehensive thermal scan in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Oakland-East Bay areas. We have the training to serve your company well.










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