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  Thursday, August 16, 2018
Outdoor Warning Systems Minimize
Outdoor Warning Systems Turn Key Solutions N2 Electric, Inc. offers turn-key solutions for any outdoor/indoor warning system. Your project will be managed by a highly trained staff from system design, through sales, delivery, installation, repair, and warranty. We are the exclusive distributor for Federal Signal Outdoor Warning Products in California, West-Coast States and beyond. As the largest distributor of warning equipment in the U.S., we have made a commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations by responding to customer needs and paying attention to detail. Our technicians can help you with all aspects of your outdoor warning requirements. N2 Electric, Inc. has a proven record of dedication and service to our outdoor warning customers throughout the Western USA. We’re geared for the future with the latest technology, ready to deliver today in planning, installation, and service. Survey & Master Plan to assure the best possible outdoor warning coverage from your system, the location, height, and placement of each siren is of primary consideration, along with the type of siren utilized. N2 Electric Inc.’s professional staff together with Federal Signal has the experience to work with your community to complete an outdoor warning survey and develop a master plan that will assure your readiness for the future. We will research and develop a master plan for your area, simply arrange to have our representative stop by at your convenience to meet with your staff. Equipment and Recommendations: Our relationship with Federal Signal allows us to offer a wide range of both indoor and outdoor warning system products. This includes electro-mechanical and electronic siren systems with two-tone, DTMF and digital controls. Federal control systems are also compatible for add-on, upgrade or new installations. We also have a complete selection of tone alert radios. Federal Signal is the largest and most experienced manufacturer of alerting products in the world. Their long-term commitment to quality warning system products is well known in the market place. Our partnership with Federal makes it easy to design and provide equipment that best fits your needs. For equipment recommendations and pricing, please contact Nick McDaid at 925-518-2638 or Delivery & Install Your community’s siren equipment will be delivered to N2 Electric Inc.'s Livermore facility directly from the factory. Our technicians will assemble and mount the necessary parts prior to delivery to the installation site. We take responsibility for the entire project. Installation is as easy as 1-2-3 with our project management skills. We even handle the site selection, Miss-Dig, and electrical needs. Custom Solutions Do you need sirens in hard to reach or unconventional places? If your community’s siren placement calls for a custom solution, our staff has the ability to customize any installation to meet your needs. We handle the design, fabrication and installation to control costs and assure a quality solution. Service and Warranty N2 Electric Inc's technicians are factory trained and have the proper equipment to service your system. Our staff prides themselves on providing prompt, effective service and are able to diagnose and repair most problems as they arise. We offer a total service solution to maintain your warning system. In addition to Federal Signal products, we are generally able to evaluate and/or repair other manufacturer’s products when necessary. Standard services we provide include: Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreements for all types and brands of outdoor warning equipment. System evaluation for repairs and upgrades. Emergency and normal repair services. Contact Us Nick McDaid President/Sales C: 925-518-2638 To schedule your installation please contact: Nick McDaid Project Administrator C: 925-518-2638 To schedule Service please contact: DeAnna McDaid Service Coordinator O: 925-447-8882 Copyright 2007-2015. N2 Electric, Inc. All rights reserved. Office: 3589-C First Street Livermore, CA 94551 Office (925) 447-8882 Fax (925) 443-8882
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OFFICE PHONE: 925-447-8882

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Why go Solar? Minimize
Why Go Solar? Click on the solar tab at the top of the page for more information!!
• Support environmental commitments by using a renewable energy source
• Reduce greenhouse gas footprint and impact on climate change
• Reduce operating expenses
• Make a public statement

• Create a new room or covering and use panels as shade 



The Solar Solution
150kW Solar System is equivalent to:
– 18,000 barrels of oil not produced
– 16.2 million miles not driven
– 66,000 lbs of acid rain emissions eliminated
– 33,000 lbs smog emissions eliminated
– 13.2 million lbs greenhouse gas eliminated
– Planting 30,000 trees 
 6kW Solar System is equivalent to: still impressive numbers!!
– 720 barrels of oil not produced
– 648 thousand miles not driven
– 2,640 lbs of acid rain emissions eliminated
– 1,320 lbs smog emissions eliminated
– 528 thousand lbs greenhouse gas eliminated
– Planting 1,200 trees
Installation Performance Factors
• Local weather and insulation
• Shading
• Inclination angle
     – Shading
     – Time of Use Rates
• Orientation: S, E or W
General Factors That Affect Size
• Sun exposure
• Electricity demand – lighting is largest electrical load
• Efficiency of system 
General Factors That Affect Cost
• System type
• Structural requirements
• Number of panels required
How PV Industry Works
• Manufacturers: manufacture products
• PV Installers with in-house labor: contractors that bid on projects, contract, design, and install (N2 Electric, Inc. falls under this heading)
• PV Companies without in-house labor: contractors that bid, contract, design, and manage outside labor
• Facilitators: sales entities (not contractors) that facilitate bid, design, and installation
• Banks
PV System Types
• Fixed System
• Tracking System
Horizontal Fixed System
• Panels installed at a fixed inclination and direction (0, 5 or 10 degrees)
• Pros: provides shading; structural requirements are less; lower installation cost
• Cons: less energy per kW of PV installed
Horizontal Tracking System
• Panels mounted in the north-south direction that rotate in the east-west direction to track the angle of the sun
• Pros: more energy per kW of PV installed
• Cons: does not provide much shade; higher structural load demands; more expensive installation cost
Financing Opportunities
• Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
     – Third party finances, installs, and maintains PV panels
     – Project owner locks in utility rate over life of agreement
     – Long term, complex agreement for purchasing power
Financial Incentives and Rebates
• Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) for non-profit entities
• State Rebates: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas
• Net Metering
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